March - round up!

where the hell did March go?! and i was about to huff as it feels like a month has flashed by and i haven't done anything... but then i wrote a list and realised that, actually, yes i had. silly me.

i'll start by mentioning that i attended a truly beautiful wedding of my friends. it was in Glasgow (first time there) and in a wonderfully quirky hotel. there was kale dancing and many laughs as well as few tears and it was a absolutely fantastic day...congrats to Claire and Chris!

i've participated in another Creative Hub workshop at the Fashion and Textile Museum in London, this time concentrating on my 'design calendar'. i won't lie - it scared me slightly. but all for the greater good! it's basically a different way of looking across all the seasons and projects you're working on and scheduling them across the year. i'd been doing this is a different way but this really brought it home how much i have planned!!

i started at We Make London in Camden and have so far had a lot of success with my tea towels. another 4 weeks to go and let's hope the success continues :) i featured a few of the designers in last weeks post and i'm sure i will be featuring many more before my 6 weeks is up.  if you want to visit its down at Camden Lock right by all the delicious food, yum. in fact, i'm actually at the shop today - why not drop in and say hi?!

i had a rather satisfying session of sorting through old stock and giving a few bits a little make-over. a bit of repackaging and et voile - some lovely new items for the shop!  we have some jewellery, some greetings card with a twist, and some limited edition button packs. they're now up for sale in my etsy store if you fancy a little peek.

also on the shopping front i was accepted into the Blog & Buy Sale wish list for spring - yippee! 2 of my tea towel sets were selected ('tea & cake' and 'flowers') and they start their 6 week feature can see the full wish list here.

design wise i've been flitting back and forth a bit - i've been working on my small christmas card range which is allllmost there. ok well, it's two thirds done. i've also finished up my friends wedding invites, and have been working on some new print direction from my (still!) top secret project. 

other than that i've been working on the sellable sketch part 1 from Pattern Observer founder Michelle Fifis, and finally (FINALLY) getting round to learning a bit of Illustrator!! and that is thanks to Poppy Westwell - she took the time out to run through things (a few times!) and get me on track for a successful AI future. i've been told once i start i won't look back and it will be bye-bye photoshop... we'll see...

a late addition to the month but me and my flatmate were in desperate need of some pet we bought 2 hamsters! we were like 6 year olds in the pet store, honestly, it was ridiculous how happy we were! here are the new additions to the household...and yes they of course have silly names... meet Fluffle Puff and Schmoogie :)

we make london and co.

monday was the start of my 6 weeks residence in We Make London based in Camden Lock. i went in to set up the products they will be promoting (and hopefully selling!) for me and also help man the shop alongside Mary. whilst there i also had a good nose at some of the other designers work and here are my fave pics of other surface pattern and prints:

funky purses and bags - miesje chafer

awesome plates - para sites cermaics

2 of my favourite prints - alfamarama

great gift sets - victoria eggs

just made me laugh - benjamin rothery

love the breaking bad RV! - kate rowland

me...well i had to share one pic didn't i?!

work in progress from illustrator linda skoglund. she has been commissioned to complete 7 maps around Camden and was just starting time i go back they should be complete so i can post the final pieces!

from the Design Library . . . Charley Harper

i cannot believe i only discovered Charley Harper last year. where have i been?! i thought i'd discovered a new genius...but no. he was born in 1922 and produced an amazing body of work from the 40's right to the new millennium. and there is a book out there that captures all these years across a whole 400 pages - 'Charley Harper - An Illustrated Life'.

i love his use of simple geometric shapes to create quite intricate scenes. he called his style 'minimal realism' and described it as:
" when i look at a wildlife or nature subject, i don’t see the feathers in the wings, i just count the wings. i see exciting shapes, colour combinations, patterns, textures, fascinating behaviour and endless possibilities for making interesting pictures... i don't try to put everything in, i try to leave everything out "
i like this way of thinking. i shall adapt this to my work. less is more.

* you can buy the mini edition book here on amazon for only £13! there's also the full size (it's enormous and weighs a tonne. oh and it costs about £200, although i did find it in Liberty for £70)
* and here's a shop full of Charley's stunning artwork (OMGoodness you can buy everything - jewellery, tiles, puzzles...!)

Fashion & Textile Museum : Artists Textiles - Picasso to Warhol

as promised i'm going to share a few snaps from the Fashion & Textile Museum's latest exhibition - 'Textile Artists, Picasso to Warhol'. i was lucky enough to have a wonder round whilst i was on my free Creative Hub course last week.

it features (probably rather obviously) designs from artists ... on textiles. well, it's more than that really. the show traces the history of 20th century art in textiles. some of the featured designers include Barbara Hepworth, Henri Matisse, Sonia Delaunay and of course, Mr Picasso and Mr Warhol.

i have to say, i find FTM one of the most relaxing museums to walk around. it's so tranquil and the soft lighting just lulls you into this dream like state surrounded by gorgeous dresses and designs. mmmmm...

anyways, here's a few of my favourite pieces...

February - round up!

well, well, well. february is over already. time is flying by and it'll soon be spring hoorah! the daffodils and crocuses re already blooming and the evenings are getting lighter. love this time of year! so what did i get up in the design side of my life...

i was contacted by the lovely Ali Benyon to provide some 'top tips' for new designers. i gave advice alongside the likes of Lotta Jansdotter, Rachael Taylor, Elizabeth Olwen, Bethan Janine and Jessica Hayman (more on her later!). you can see the full blog post here. so many useful hints and tips from everyone...huge thanks to Ali for pulling it all together!

i got head down for some more studying with some workshops available in The Textile Design Lab from Pattern Observer. still have one more to go though! i'll save it for march!

i got a bit crafty and worked on some handmade products. i'm not a natural maker, i like other people to do that for me but it's quite nice to get off the laptop once in a while and actually 'do' something. so i'm working on some handprinted fabric buttons that will become magnets, push pins and cute little hair grips.

and then i finalised the packaging designs which i think add a little bit of pazazz to these handmade items... these will be available in my new online shop coming soon!

i took full advantage of a free 2 day workshop at The Fashion & Textile Museum in London. there are a series of classes running across the next couple of months hosted by Creative Hub, and this particular one was about trend forecasting for SS14 and AW14/15. lots of useful info, a great tutor and a great group who hopefully i'll get to see again one the next of which was Jessica Hayman! (told you she'd pop up again!)

and whilst at the museum i got to have a little look around their latest exhibition - 'artist textiles - picasso to warhol'. i'll share some pictures in next weeks blog post, but i can highly recommend a visit - it's on until 17th may so you've got plenty of time!

i was invited to take part as one of 30 designer-makers in Wimbledon Village Design Fair in May. i will be trading alongside sculptors, potters, painters, jewellery designers...a full list of traders can be found here.

i applied to We Make London and was accepted to sell my products in their Camden pop-up shop! i start March 17th in time for Mother's Day...i'll be in the shop this day so pop along and say hi! i took a trip to the store this week as they were holding a social event for all the designers to meet each other. was lovely to meet such a mixture of creatives, some of which are already selling the shop and some are looking to join the team.

goodbye february...and hello to march!