May - round up!

gosh. nearly half way through the year. how'd that happen? May just fleeeeeeew by for me, it was so, so busy but for lots of good reasons...

- i took place in 2 markets. Soho Flea Market and Wimbledon Affordable Art & Design Fair. i hadn't done a fair since Xmas 2013 so i was half nervous half excited. but the first went excellently, and the second one? well, i'm there right now so i ca let you know later! i was so lucky with the weather for Soho and i'm so grateful!! rain would have made things a wee bit more complicated. a nightmare actually. anyway, there will be more detail on the markets coming soon...

- i finalised new designs for my Muckboots project. very exciting to see this moving along and can't wait to see samples! 

* i went to Rome! it was a joint Christmas and birthday present for my mum and we had a lovely (if not exhausting!) 3 days running / hobbling around all the sites and eating ice cream. 

* i completed '100 happy days'. a challenge to see if you can be happy for 100 consecutive days. photos were posted to twitter each day (unless i forgot. which happened far too regularly for my liking) and the big finale was rather fantastic - the Colloseum! 

* another successful month in We Make London  at Camden, which has now undergone a make over. pop over to have a look! 

* menus were completed for my friends wedding in July. these sit nicely next to the Save The Date and invites already produced. obviously i can't ruin the surprise for the guests by showing you lot!

* drawings have been started for my new 2015 collection and i am so eager to get started on the actual roll on June! i'd show you a sneak peek but i want to work them up a bit more...make sure i get the wow factor!

when in Rome . . .

earlier this week i had 3 days in the beautiful city of Rome. 3 exhausting yet amazing days! it was a late christmas/birthday treat for my mum who was absolutely shattered by the end of it with me dragging her round everywhere! i think we're both pretty much recovered now's some the holiday snaps...
typical tourist! colloseum, vatican, st peters, trevi fountain, spanish steps, old town...did it all!!
i have a thing about doorways as you can see.
and of course i was on the look out for pattern. not much of my style obviously but i did find these beauties


for those of you that follow me on twitter you may have noticed a barrage of photos appearing recently. i have been taking part in the wonderful '100 happy days' challenge, where you aim to succeed in being happy for 100 consecutive days. 

why you ask? well, apparently people taking part in the challenge start noticing what actually makes them happy each day which results in being more optimistic and realising how lucky you are to have the life you have.

so here are my favourite moments of my 100 days, well, 98 days...2 more to go...what will they be...ooooooooh. hehe :) 

join me on twitter to find out what's still to come...

turns out all i need in life is food, cider & cocktails, flowers, design, dogs, books, comedy, an awesome tv series, friends & family, games, and a beautiful sunny day :)

April - round up!

well i don't know about anyone else, but for me i would say April has been pretty bloody awesome. i've really started to feel things gathering speed this month and i have lots of new plans for the next few months. all very exciting and here's why...

it's mainly about this one thing ... i now have stockists! it's such an exciting thing. you work and work and work and then you finally get t see your things (YOUR things!) in feeling! my first orders finally went out to those that i met at Top Drawer and i also had a chat with the lovely Kay of Carried Away (a cute little boutique gift shop in Deal) whilst i was on a weekend away.

another successful month in We Make London Camden and they now stock a large collection of my lampshades. the full range is now available in my Etsy store. 

i was approached by City Showcase to take part in one of their markets - Soho Flea Market to be precise. his takes place on the Sunday 25th May, as part of the bank holiday weekend. there will be 100 stalls featuring jewellery designers, interior products, accessories, food, ceramics...i think there's even some bands playing too! so it should be fantastic. which means you should all pop along and say hi!

two more Creative Hub workshops this months and lots more info and advice. plus i get to spend time with Jess (Rosa & Clara Designs) and Poppy Westwell which is always fab! and i can't forget to mention that after months of trying me and Wendy Flynn (Doris & Fred)

i continued work on my project with Muckboots and started on my new 2015 collection. i have 2 ranges i'm working on and can't wait to really get my teeth into it properly! some initial sketches at the moment but ideas are a-brewing!

and last but not least i'm preparing to start my newsletter. you can sign up HERE to find all the latest news, events and even some cheeky offers...don't miss out!