May - round up!

gosh. nearly half way through the year. how'd that happen? May just fleeeeeeew by for me, it was so, so busy but for lots of good reasons...

- i took place in 2 markets. Soho Flea Market and Wimbledon Affordable Art & Design Fair. i hadn't done a fair since Xmas 2013 so i was half nervous half excited. but the first went excellently, and the second one? well, i'm there right now so i ca let you know later! i was so lucky with the weather for Soho and i'm so grateful!! rain would have made things a wee bit more complicated. a nightmare actually. anyway, there will be more detail on the markets coming soon...

- i finalised new designs for my Muckboots project. very exciting to see this moving along and can't wait to see samples! 

* i went to Rome! it was a joint Christmas and birthday present for my mum and we had a lovely (if not exhausting!) 3 days running / hobbling around all the sites and eating ice cream. 

* i completed '100 happy days'. a challenge to see if you can be happy for 100 consecutive days. photos were posted to twitter each day (unless i forgot. which happened far too regularly for my liking) and the big finale was rather fantastic - the Colloseum! 

* another successful month in We Make London  at Camden, which has now undergone a make over. pop over to have a look! 

* menus were completed for my friends wedding in July. these sit nicely next to the Save The Date and invites already produced. obviously i can't ruin the surprise for the guests by showing you lot!

* drawings have been started for my new 2015 collection and i am so eager to get started on the actual roll on June! i'd show you a sneak peek but i want to work them up a bit more...make sure i get the wow factor!