from the Design Library today...ANGIE LEWIN

today is a difficult book to show - simply because every single page is filled with such lovely designs and prints it was tricky to know which ones to pick! I think most people will be familiar with Angie Lewin's work so I have chosen to showcase some other areas of the book rather than the final pieces...

Angie Lewin - Plants and Places

the book is splits into 5 main areas: Coast, woodland and Hedgerow, River and Loch, Meadow and Garden, and Studio:

workings for 'Dandelion'

you can literally see how the designs start as painting and sketches and follow them right through to the final prints, as with the 'Salthouse' design below:

sketchbook and workings for 'Salthouse'

'The Church, Salthouse' initial sketches

'The Church, Salthouse' final design

the book holds a wealth of knowledge on Angie and her inspirations, her workings and methodology:

initial paintings - i wish i could paint like that! [sigh]
workings and final print of 'Winterspey'

in full working mode!

one of Angie's finalised linos for the design 'Spey Seedheads'

testing colours on Japanese paper

i love how the book shows everything about Angie's thinking - you can see dabs of colours for testing out palettes and combinations, little notes and's great to have a little insight into how her mind works!

 'Clocks II'

'Alliums and Fennel', from start to finish

some examples of Angie's prints as repeats patterns

it can be bought from for £17.50 or at for $29.85...enjoy!

to the rescue!

so being that superheroes are a hot theme this summer (and I've just been to see The Dark Knight Rises...awesome by the way!), I was in the mood to have a little look at the artwork available today based on our favourite heroes (and villians)!  

and I found some pretty great stuff...

cute Batman by Zach Terrell

supercool prints by Danny Haas - Banner and Logan...
...Parker and Stark

awesome Batman and Spiderman artwork by Fresh Doodle

fun Super Hero Minimalism print by Jonah Block

clever Double Batman print by Aurelie Scour

love this style of graphic...Florey

one for the kids...(maybe not!). Winnie The Pooh Batman and Piglet Robin by Olechka

menacing portrait of the Joker by CJ Draden

cheeky humour in Bat Temptation! by DnaPna

good advice from Misery...

effective painting skills by Arian Noveir

here's some tasty lollies if ever there were some! Chungkong

from the Design Library today...NAIVE

i love love LOVE this book and hope you do too!  it's quite a graphic one but it's full of some really strong prints and illustrations...'Naive - modernism and folklore in contemporary graphic design'.

some really strong illustrative styles stand out in this book, two of my favourites being Josh Cochran and Tad Carpenter:

bold graphics feature heavily in this book, the overall style being described as 'minimalist design vocabulary'.

silk screen printing techniques are a favorite amongst these designers, fantastic layering of colours build up to create a textured and tactile print...i wish i had done more screen printing at Uni...[sigh]...

typography and hand lettering feature a fair amount in the book too... 

there is no text in this book, it is all about the if you want to read about the history of poster art or folk design, well, this is not the book for you!  but just look how yummy everything is...why would you not want this on your shelf??!

Marcus Walters has a more simplistic style  basic shapes cut from coloured paper to create bold designs:

Print & Pattern favourite Helen Dardik pops up a few times in this book with her wonderful design world...posh birds, french cats, sausage dogs...they're all there!

if you've fallen in love with this book as much as i did you can treat your yourself to it for £21 on Amazon!