from the Design Library today...LOTTA JANSDOTTER

today we have a double treat from Lotta Jansdotter! i thought these would be a good choice this week as a few on my fellow ABSPD classmates were discussing making their own products recently.

first up is Lotta Prints:

Lotta first shares with us some of her inspirations:

this book then covers all manner of printing techniques - lino-block printing, screen printing, rubber stamping, iron-on transfers, leaf printing, stencil art, potato printing - and all the materials that these techniques can be used on

every technique has a step-by-step guide, and even has tips on cleaning up and how to store certain paints, inks, and brushes etc


...and then after you have created all these wonderful fabrics you can make them into gorgeous goodies with the help of Simple Sewing!

a lovely spiral bound book which means it stays open easy and you don't have to weigh it down with all many of cups or staplers or boxes or whatever you have to just be able to read it! it's fan-tastic!

templates are included for the products listed in the book n a nice little compartment at the front:

the products are aimed at varying levels, starting off with a nice and easy tea towel at level 1...

...the level 3 magazine holder:

...and moving on to the somewhat more complicated doorstop at level 4:

how to make a doorstep

each product has a guide including a list of items needed, step-by-step details on how the to make the products with sketches and photographs:

how to make a tote bag

 so between these two books you can set up your very own manufacturing factory at home!

on amazon for £6.88
simple sewing on amazon for £10.53