from the Design Library today...I LOVE STATIONERY

...we have a fabulous little book to share - I LOVE STATIONERY by Charlotte Rivers.

split into 8 chapters it covers all manners of techniques - hand drawn illustration, screen printing, letterpress, block printing, digital illustration, calligraphy, papercutting, and collage/3D/sewn.

Made By Julene and Sakura Snow from the papercutting chapter

Sara Balcombe from the collage / 3D / sewn chapter

Plurabelle Calligraphy

Merry Day

Darling Clementine

beautiful imagery of greetings cards, gift-wrap, address cards, calendars, business cards...

Kristin Carlson and Jo Clark Design

there are also insights from top designers and some inside know-how.

Brie Harrison

a must have and only £11.89 on amazon...another bargain!