from the Design Library today...ANGIE LEWIN

today is a difficult book to show - simply because every single page is filled with such lovely designs and prints it was tricky to know which ones to pick! I think most people will be familiar with Angie Lewin's work so I have chosen to showcase some other areas of the book rather than the final pieces...

Angie Lewin - Plants and Places

the book is splits into 5 main areas: Coast, woodland and Hedgerow, River and Loch, Meadow and Garden, and Studio:

workings for 'Dandelion'

you can literally see how the designs start as painting and sketches and follow them right through to the final prints, as with the 'Salthouse' design below:

sketchbook and workings for 'Salthouse'

'The Church, Salthouse' initial sketches

'The Church, Salthouse' final design

the book holds a wealth of knowledge on Angie and her inspirations, her workings and methodology:

initial paintings - i wish i could paint like that! [sigh]
workings and final print of 'Winterspey'

in full working mode!

one of Angie's finalised linos for the design 'Spey Seedheads'

testing colours on Japanese paper

i love how the book shows everything about Angie's thinking - you can see dabs of colours for testing out palettes and combinations, little notes and's great to have a little insight into how her mind works!

 'Clocks II'

'Alliums and Fennel', from start to finish

some examples of Angie's prints as repeats patterns

it can be bought from for £17.50 or at for $29.85...enjoy!