to the rescue!

so being that superheroes are a hot theme this summer (and I've just been to see The Dark Knight Rises...awesome by the way!), I was in the mood to have a little look at the artwork available today based on our favourite heroes (and villians)!  

and I found some pretty great stuff...

cute Batman by Zach Terrell

supercool prints by Danny Haas - Banner and Logan...
...Parker and Stark

awesome Batman and Spiderman artwork by Fresh Doodle

fun Super Hero Minimalism print by Jonah Block

clever Double Batman print by Aurelie Scour

love this style of graphic...Florey

one for the kids...(maybe not!). Winnie The Pooh Batman and Piglet Robin by Olechka

menacing portrait of the Joker by CJ Draden

cheeky humour in Bat Temptation! by DnaPna

good advice from Misery...

effective painting skills by Arian Noveir

here's some tasty lollies if ever there were some! Chungkong