a few treats from spitalfields...!

i promised to share some of the work from some of the lovely people i met at spitalfields market the other weekend so here we go...

anna wiscombe
i fell in love with anna's cute wooden birds - such a delight! broooches, chalk boards, jewellery... take a look at her facebook page and her gorgeous website here

lilu jewellery
i had a god chat with lilu who was selling some fab necklaces and ear-rings.  this is her new style - she's had a complete revamp and you can view all of her lovely jewellery in her etsy shop here, and follow all the latest updates on facebook

pedro vieira was set up alongside lilu jewellery selling fantastic abstract patterns on mugs, notebooks and cards, and also a whole range of screenprints. he can be followed on facebook and you can view his etsy shop here


the laughing butterfly
last but by no means least michele. she was also selling her lovely handmade jewellery next to lilu and pedro. follow the latest news on her facebook page and twitter, and she has lots more for sale in her etsy shop featuring all new cufflinks!

and the most exciting news is that i will be sharing my next stall with michele! we will be at spitalfields on saturday 22nd december for all of those out there that need to do some last minute shopping! i will have lots of great little stocking fillers so why not put the date in your diary and pop along to say hi!


so i've been a little slack on my book posts lately, apologies - it's been very busy with all the marketing events going on! so today i have a lovely art deco book for you...

i absolutely love art deco and this book covers all areas of the art movement including lots of background information

each page is beautifully illustrated alongside photos and prints of well known items across all products:

...including posters and advertising...

 ...ceramics and products...

...artwork and pattern...

...and last but by no means least, jewellery...

i bought this book from the shop Past Times in the sale for only £10! full price £20).  they also sell an Art Nouveau matching book which i will cover in the next Design library post :)

spitalfields market day!

so as i'm sure most of you are aware i have been busy lately preparing for a stall at spitalfields market. hence the lack of blogging here! the day finally came on saturday...all the build up...all the late nights and sore hands from pressing buttons and cutting out card after card, calendar after calendar...and then it was over!

but in between all of that there was a FANTASTIC day out in london the market! 

i finally got to meet my friends fiance who also happens to be a fabulous photographer - which worked out rater handy as he did a little photoshoot for me - thanks sam! he is currently working on his website here, but you can also follow him on facebook and twitter

so here it is...ta-daaaaa!!!

i will need a bigger sign for next time but i didn't remember to do one until 15 minutes before i was due to get my train so this was all i could come up with under that sort of pressure!

i had a variety of products for sale - button jewellery, magnets, giftcards, calendars, art prints...

a rather arty-farty shot that i quite like :)

a big thank you to emily (that's her to the right of the picture) for all of her help on saturday - she was my little sales lady, pitching me like crazy! thanks em!

busy, busy, busy...that's what we like :)

i had a little press board with a few of my features on, held in place by a few magnets. mel smith designs of course ;)

me wrapped up in my winter woolies!

i got to meet a lot of new designers with some fab work...i'll do another feature on these guys very soon :)

thank you to everyone that wished me luck and supported me on all those long grueling nights making stuff...appreciated guys! and thanks to all that visited and purchased some goods!

i'm very tempted to do another, around christmas time. i had interest in some items as stocking fillers but it just seemed a bit early for people to start buying that sort of thing stayed tuned because i may very well be out-and-about once more!

busy, busy, busy!!

so i signed myself up for a stall at Spitalfields market. yippee i thought...exciting things to work towards. then i stopped and looked at the date again. uh-oh. 3 1/2 weeks away. and how many products do i have? hmmm...

so i set to work by making a rather detailed (almost minute-by-minute it seemed at times!) schedule of what needed to be done. i had LOADS to do and wasn't sure i could fit it all in. crikey. but so far so good. i got straight onto ordering supplies and have stuck rigidly to my daily tasks and have produced quite few products that i hope to sell on October 13th...


lots of button-y delights are also on their way! we have button jewelry in the forms of rings and earrings, and also button magnets:
nothing for miles but buttons!

...soon to be made into home and jewelry accessories!

i have designed 2 calendars - one mini desk calendar and one larger thin calendar with room to write all your important dates on:

some great little stocking fillers in the shape of flexi-magnets, rather fun items to jazz up your kitchen, your noteboard or indeed anywhere you wish!

of course greetings cards had to feature so i have stocked up on my Bold & Beautiful range, both in a birthday set and an occasions set:

and as my stall will be only 2 months away form christmas (eek!) i just had to take the opportunity to do some christmas card sets. i worked up 3 mini ranges based on existing collections: Black Border, Paisleyscope and Bold & Beautiful:

Paisleyscope Christmas and doodles

so hopefully in 1 1/2 weeks time i'll feel happy with everything i have and be ready to sell, sell, sell!