busy, busy, busy!!

so i signed myself up for a stall at Spitalfields market. yippee i thought...exciting things to work towards. then i stopped and looked at the date again. uh-oh. 3 1/2 weeks away. and how many products do i have? hmmm...

so i set to work by making a rather detailed (almost minute-by-minute it seemed at times!) schedule of what needed to be done. i had LOADS to do and wasn't sure i could fit it all in. crikey. but so far so good. i got straight onto ordering supplies and have stuck rigidly to my daily tasks and have produced quite few products that i hope to sell on October 13th...


lots of button-y delights are also on their way! we have button jewelry in the forms of rings and earrings, and also button magnets:
nothing for miles but buttons!

...soon to be made into home and jewelry accessories!

i have designed 2 calendars - one mini desk calendar and one larger thin calendar with room to write all your important dates on:

some great little stocking fillers in the shape of flexi-magnets, rather fun items to jazz up your kitchen, your noteboard or indeed anywhere you wish!

of course greetings cards had to feature so i have stocked up on my Bold & Beautiful range, both in a birthday set and an occasions set:

and as my stall will be only 2 months away form christmas (eek!) i just had to take the opportunity to do some christmas card sets. i worked up 3 mini ranges based on existing collections: Black Border, Paisleyscope and Bold & Beautiful:

Paisleyscope Christmas and doodles

so hopefully in 1 1/2 weeks time i'll feel happy with everything i have and be ready to sell, sell, sell!