#dailydraw . . . week 1

as you may have read yesterday one of my recent challenges to myself is to do a doodle-a-day, or - depending how creative i'm feeling - a full drawing a day. here's how #dailydraw week 1 turned out... 

i didn't intentionally start out with a theme in mind but i have been wanting to draw from my Amsterdam photos for aaaages and this was the perfect opportunity to start.

day 1: amsterdam architecture
day 2: windmill
day 3: lilies from keunkenhof
day 4: bicycle (i gave up half way through as you can see!)
day 5: detail from a shop
nothing for day 6, tsk tsk...

day 7: window detail

June - round up

i've decided i need more structure. it's very hard when working a full time job and then working on design in the evenings and weekends to keep to what you plan - you're tired from the day job, you have a social event that means you take the night off work, exercise classes because you're finally motivated to at least try and get fit... so to help with this i've made a list of things i need to do more often, things i always add to my to do list week-in-week-out, but for whatever reason never get ticked off.

I WILL DRAW SOMETHING EACH DAY. if you follow me on facebook or twitter you may have seen that i set myself a challenge of drawing something each and every day. pretty darn tricky i have to say. i won't be showing all of them (some leave a lot to be desired!) but here's a couple of the doodles so far, the first week were all taken from photos from my recent trip to amsterdam:

amsterdam architecture
lilies from keukenhof
I WILL CREATE A TREASURY EACH WEEK. i've let my etsy shop slip more than just a little recently. so much of my time has been taken up with research and manufacturing my products that i've abandoned it somewhat. so i want to take a more active approach in promoting not only my items but my favourite etsy shops too. 

sunshine on a rainy day
I WILL DO A MONTHLY REVIEW. i have a regular 'big plan' post which follows my ups-and-downs whilst preparing for my first trade show. but i want something where i can keep track of all the other things. i'm quite hard on myself always thinking i haven't done enough when actually some months i've done a fair bit, especially as the day job takes up a lot of my time. so by having a public forum to list all everything might make me less harsh on myself. but it's doubtful! and if i do have a bad month then the fact that's its all public will just make me work harder the next month so i don;t look like a slacker!

so here's june...

* i finalised my notebook designs and sent them off to the printers.

* i signed my contract for being featured in the upcoming PatternBase book  

* i submitted designs to the new Zeixs pattern book. fingers crossed i'll be picked...

* i redesigned my logo.

* i completed the Ultimate Guide To Repeats e-course by Michelle Fifis of Pattern Observer

* i started my friends wedding stationery. main motif and palette sorted. (you're stressing less now aren't you Em?! :p )

* i've planned my photo shoot and have a list of just need to find them!                     

* i have a range of iPad and Kindle covers now for sale with Keka Case

* i've worked out my prices. can't say this went without a few headaches but i got there in the end. so difficult balancing between wholesale costs, RRP, VAT...but i got put on my account hat and pushed through the pain!

* and perhaps most scary is that i finally applied for a space at Top Drawer / Home for January 2014. i haven't been able to without photos of products but now i have lampshades and cushions i had no excuse. i just hope they don't keep me waiting too long with a decision... in conclusion i think after actually writing all that down i don't need to be quite so hard on myself :)

the big plan . . . part 5!

it's been 2 months since my last update and a lot has happened.

I HAVE PRODUCTS!! actual real things!

my lampshades and cushions were delivered all on the same day. like Christmas came early...lots of presents from me to me :) i also received my notebook samples through this week so will be sending off for the final designs this coming week.  i'm not going to show off them just yet but i'll give a little teaser...

so what's next? photo shoot. that's what. and after batting a few ideas around with Sarah Fleming and Monica Lee i have an amazing idea! so excited...just need props and the all-important sunshine and it'll all look fabulous. Mr Samuel Nesbitt will be helping me out with this ready, dude?!

so here's how the wall is looking mid-June... cushion designs - check. lampshade designs - check. notebook designs - (pretty much) check!
...wall art - watch this space!

prices are pretty much sorted (knew my admin skills would come in handy one day...i'm a whizz in excel now!). this means i can start working on my brochures for the show

i had my second mentoring session with Monica of Smart Creative Women and i feel completely motivated right now. i don't know how she does it but she has the amazing ability of making everything the most exciting thing ever and giving you a big (but gentle) kick up the jacksie to get you going a good way of course! we managed to discuss photo shoot, pricing, brochures, promo
packs, marketing, ideas for the show and website ideas - all in one hour! she's beyond amazing! it's now just finding the time to do it all...