June - round up

i've decided i need more structure. it's very hard when working a full time job and then working on design in the evenings and weekends to keep to what you plan - you're tired from the day job, you have a social event that means you take the night off work, exercise classes because you're finally motivated to at least try and get fit... so to help with this i've made a list of things i need to do more often, things i always add to my to do list week-in-week-out, but for whatever reason never get ticked off.

I WILL DRAW SOMETHING EACH DAY. if you follow me on facebook or twitter you may have seen that i set myself a challenge of drawing something each and every day. pretty darn tricky i have to say. i won't be showing all of them (some leave a lot to be desired!) but here's a couple of the doodles so far, the first week were all taken from photos from my recent trip to amsterdam:

amsterdam architecture
lilies from keukenhof
I WILL CREATE A TREASURY EACH WEEK. i've let my etsy shop slip more than just a little recently. so much of my time has been taken up with research and manufacturing my products that i've abandoned it somewhat. so i want to take a more active approach in promoting not only my items but my favourite etsy shops too. 

sunshine on a rainy day
I WILL DO A MONTHLY REVIEW. i have a regular 'big plan' post which follows my ups-and-downs whilst preparing for my first trade show. but i want something where i can keep track of all the other things. i'm quite hard on myself always thinking i haven't done enough when actually some months i've done a fair bit, especially as the day job takes up a lot of my time. so by having a public forum to list all everything might make me less harsh on myself. but it's doubtful! and if i do have a bad month then the fact that's its all public will just make me work harder the next month so i don;t look like a slacker!

so here's june...

* i finalised my notebook designs and sent them off to the printers.

* i signed my contract for being featured in the upcoming PatternBase book  

* i submitted designs to the new Zeixs pattern book. fingers crossed i'll be picked...

* i redesigned my logo.

* i completed the Ultimate Guide To Repeats e-course by Michelle Fifis of Pattern Observer

* i started my friends wedding stationery. main motif and palette sorted. (you're stressing less now aren't you Em?! :p )

* i've planned my photo shoot and have a list of just need to find them!                     

* i have a range of iPad and Kindle covers now for sale with Keka Case

* i've worked out my prices. can't say this went without a few headaches but i got there in the end. so difficult balancing between wholesale costs, RRP, VAT...but i got put on my account hat and pushed through the pain!

* and perhaps most scary is that i finally applied for a space at Top Drawer / Home for January 2014. i haven't been able to without photos of products but now i have lampshades and cushions i had no excuse. i just hope they don't keep me waiting too long with a decision... in conclusion i think after actually writing all that down i don't need to be quite so hard on myself :)