the big plan . . . part 5!

it's been 2 months since my last update and a lot has happened.

I HAVE PRODUCTS!! actual real things!

my lampshades and cushions were delivered all on the same day. like Christmas came early...lots of presents from me to me :) i also received my notebook samples through this week so will be sending off for the final designs this coming week.  i'm not going to show off them just yet but i'll give a little teaser...

so what's next? photo shoot. that's what. and after batting a few ideas around with Sarah Fleming and Monica Lee i have an amazing idea! so excited...just need props and the all-important sunshine and it'll all look fabulous. Mr Samuel Nesbitt will be helping me out with this ready, dude?!

so here's how the wall is looking mid-June... cushion designs - check. lampshade designs - check. notebook designs - (pretty much) check!
...wall art - watch this space!

prices are pretty much sorted (knew my admin skills would come in handy one day...i'm a whizz in excel now!). this means i can start working on my brochures for the show

i had my second mentoring session with Monica of Smart Creative Women and i feel completely motivated right now. i don't know how she does it but she has the amazing ability of making everything the most exciting thing ever and giving you a big (but gentle) kick up the jacksie to get you going a good way of course! we managed to discuss photo shoot, pricing, brochures, promo
packs, marketing, ideas for the show and website ideas - all in one hour! she's beyond amazing! it's now just finding the time to do it all...