fabric8 competition!

another day another competition...! this time round it is for an amazing prize - a contract with Robert Kaufman fabrics, $1000 advance on royalties, $250 in Spoonflower credit and (as if that wasn't already enough) a Wacom Cintiq Pen!!

and all you had to do was create a 'modern design that evokes the style of pen and ink drawings that are coloured with watercolour...hmm, easy huh?


i found this contest particularly challenging as i am not a natural painter - my work is rather graphic - and so i found digging out my old paints and inks and brushes stashed away since uni, oh so long play around and see what happened...

a few drawings and doodles with pen and inks, some splashes of paint and dribbles of inks...all mixed together et voile, i had myself an entry!  well, it wasn't quite THAT was a rather long night! but the main thing is i got there in the end!

'summer bursts' - a vibrant fun floral design...