from the Design Library today...NEW YORK NOTEBOOK

i absolutely LOVE this book but now it's come round to writing about it it's really quite tricky!  

it's basically an arty-graphicy-collagey-scribbley-rather random book on New York, but it also a travel guide as to the quirky places to visit, AND you can use it a travel log yourself, adding your own little notes in along your journey! not that i want to write in mine. i'd ruin it.

that's pretty much all i can say so i might just have to let the pictures do the talking on this one...

lots of typography in this book if that's your thang?!

this is one of my favourite pages - there's a breakdown of all diner lingo. who would have guessed 'adam and eve on a raft' was 2 poached eggs?? or that 'dog and maggot' actually meant cracker and cheese?!

cant help but love this palette

unfortunately i can't remember where i bought this book from and it's only available from private sellers on amazon so cannot direct i kind of feel like i've teased you with that one and left you empty handed...sorry!!