let's fly blog hop!

hello fellow pattern lovers!

hope you're enjoying this fabulous blog hop today - so many brilliant designs to see! you've probably just joined me from Tiffany Designs and you have reached your penultimate stop with me!

so the theme is 'let's fly' - it's a start of a new year and we're all aiming high and raring to get our design careers well and truly on their we could look at the theme from that angle...

...but i'm not. i'm going to just go with good old BIRDS! pretty feathers and cute birdies. nice and simple :)

these designs all create part of my existing 'black border' range which i am having so much fun designing for and i soon hope to have products manufactured which show them off at their best!

my pans for 2013? well you can read all about them here! onto your final stop with Lisa Rivas!  if you want to start from the top pop along to Gill Eggleston. many thanks to Rosie of Believe Create Studio as curator to this blog hop and to MaJo Bautista V for designing the fab banner!