it's finally here...the Big Plan is complete...

i can't believe it. it's here. it's tomorrow. pretty much one year in the making and in 3 days'll be over.

that'll be weird, won't it.

this means The Big Plan has been completed. Top Drawer is here. you might have followed me throughout the year, and seen my journey from the very start - sourcing manufacturers, putting together collections, receiving the actual products, building a new website, starting the marketing campaign... all completed alongside various e-courses, a couple of holidays and a full time job.

the Big Plan
but there was lots of other stuff going on in the background too. i've been constantly updating social network sites, working on a licensing project, working out my trade and retail prices, getting my brochures together, organising press packs, sending out's been quite the project!

i'm not sure how many people realise but when you're setting up your own design business you aren't just a designer, you have many many hats to, admin, saleswoman, accountant (i never thought i'd have to do maths was horrible!!)

but it's all done now. 

and this is my official top drawer exhibitors page. very exciting!

set up went incredibly smoothly - awesome day! i had help from my wonderful assistant Liz (Elle Jane Designs) and all was complete in 6 hours. superb! 

very strange to see the hall in such chaos - boxes, wrapping, crates, tool boxes - carnage everywhere!

i popped along to see Jess Hogarth and Blooming Briony setting up their stands and excited to see there final set ups tomorrow.

i can't wait to start the show. i thought i'd be far more stressed than this if i'm honest but i'm actually quite relaxed...which is great!  here's to a fantastic show for us all!