sitting upon a hilltop . . .

spring seems to be taking it's sweet time to arrive so i've found myself constantly thinking about my next holiday (i have 3 days in Rome with my mum in a couple of weeks yay!). but then i think this is not enough...i want more! more sunshine, more sea, more my new life plan?

buy a holiday home. in Italy. by the sea.


this is where i'm currently thinking. nice huh? it's the little village of Manarola, on the Cinque Terre coast. there's a waling trail in the hills and the brightly coloured houses are just delightful.

but there's no sand. i'd quite like a bit of sand. so how about Vernazza?

it's pebbles not sand. bummer. but seriously look how pretty?! i think i could live without sand. i can travel to another resort right? so not a problem. but this i want/need. same difference. how can anyone say that Positano (below) isn't beautiful?

so what have i discovered from this marvellous day dream? well, i like sunshine, water (preferably in sea format), warmth, a good hill for a hike, coloured houses, nice chilled lifestyle (i am perfectly capable of adding my own stress, don't need others input), and being able to gaze across beautiful sunsets.

i blame Jamie Oliver for this - he was cooking on the beach with freshly caught fish and that set me off. so a totally unrelated pattern post today but we all need a day dream and this is mine right now :)