June - round up!

my oh my. where has time disappeared to? it has absolutely swooshed by this month and i'm way behind on my weekly blog posts. and i was doing so well as well. poop. oh well, i'll have to start making up for it in july...

wight so june, how has it been? well, thanks for asking. it's been pretty good. although that's more socially than design wise i have to say! in amongst clearing up after the markets from May, celebrating hen do's and 30th birthday shindigs i did get around to doing SOMETHING! 

i'm pleased to say there have been a couple of press features this month. Purple Holly (my first stockist) featured my 'trailing / single flower' double sided cushion in an ad that went out in Your Home mag. alongside Ms Kiely as well, oh so happy! i also had an absolutely lovely review from Beckabonce over here, and she featured a selection of pretty much everything! - cushions, notebooks, tea towels, shades and magnets!

i've not been feeling as motivated the past few weeks, but i managed to get a space on another creative hub session this week, and it came at just the right time to give me a bit of a kick up the arse to get going again!! it focused on exhibiting and had lots of tips. i'm showing at Spring Fair next february and am really looking forward to it so this got be all psyched up again!

a couple more We Make London shifts this month and i had a very successful day selling 3 notebooks set, a magnet set AND a tea towel set! BOOM! there has been a fabulous make over to the store, it looks brilliant, much fresher and shows off all the lovely goodies really well..come along and see for yourself!

my geo swirls lampshade is proving very popular with top sales since the lampshades were released. i love that fact even more as it's my favourite design!

so now it's on with the new collections. i made starts on both but need to really get experimenting and really knock those designs out! i'm working more on illustration tis time round which is a new and exciting venture, if not a little out of my comfort zone!

i've been doing a bit of research for some new products. there are so many options, not 100% sure on the direction to take. think i might be throwing that open to you lot to vote! but if you have ay ideas or would like to see my designs on particular products just give me a shout over on my facebook or twitter...would love to hear from you!