ABSPD graduate!

yay me...i graduated!

i can't believe the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design course is has flown by! it has been the most amazing course, and it could not have come at a better time.  created and run by two hugely talented ladies - Miss Rachael Taylor and Miss Beth Nicholls - it has been such an incredible few months, i never thought i would get nearly as much out of it as i have.

my ABSPD first range: Breezy Stars

they shared such a wealth of knowledge, far far more than i ever expected to get out of the course to be honest. i really feel like things are starting to happen... i've had some amazing feedback on the work i have done throughout the course and privately, which has done nothing but boost my confidence! i have 'found my style' and have so many projects planned i just don't know where to begin!

stationery range: April Petals

i am currently freelancing with an agent under a studio name, but now that i am loaded with all this new information i feel like things could start changing and i could actually become my own name...Mel Smith Designs will be unleashed! one step at a time but i really think things will soon start to pull together and one day i will get to my dream - i'll have my own little boutiquey shop on a cutesy high street, with my adorable little dog by my side selling glorious pattern on every surface imaginable!  [sigh]!

so all i can say is thank you so much to Rachael and Beth for putting their heads together and coming up with this most incredible course, it really has been the most inspirational journey (overwhelming at times, but in a good way of course ;)  and thank you to all my classmates! we have been such a great group and so supportive of one another...i can't wait 'til our meet-ups and to see where we all now's all so very exciting!