a wee visit to bonnie scotland!

so i took a wee trip to Edinburgh this weekend as a treat for my mums 50th birthday. it was lovely, if not a little chilly, but i got to see all the sights and took a fair few snaps. wondering up and down the streets and alleys (i likes alleys. not sure why, i just do) provided some rather lovely photos.

and i may have gotten a little happy with instagram but who's to judge ... !

my favourite shop of the visit was a little place called Old Town Context, and i discovered painter Ritchie Collins. i couldn't afford any of the prints but picked up this trio of cards:

Harvey Nichols had some interesting window displays (not entirely sure what they were going for but good visuals nontheless!):



and i quite liked the graphics on the window of Urban Outfitters too:

and here's a few other arty-farty bits and pieces from around the city:

i'll be heading back to Edinburgh in 6 weeks time for a hen-do so no doubt you'll be seeing some more snaps ... maybe a slightly different side to the city though!