the big plan . . . part 2!

ok so it's been a month since i posted about my plan to take on Top Drawer in January 2014 so here's another update...

as you can see my wall is filling up nicely with lots of ideas, research and a few doodles for good measure.  it's definitely more inspiring to look at than it was a month ago!

as i've been working on some designs ideas something wasn't quite working but i couldn't put my finger on it. then it was suggested i come up with a palette for the stand - something that will hold all the designs together. and it worked!  (thanks for the tip Wendy!). 

i wasn't initially thinking of having a palette but i have a couple of designs that i REALLY want to use but they didn't sit very well together in their original colours, and as i'm going for a small-ish stand it might look a bit of a mess if they are THAT different. 

SO, with that in mind i have my chosen this palette:


i have 2 goals for February and that is finalising design for two products - cushions and something a 
little bit special which i really hope works out :-) i've got a little bunch of helpers that i'm splashing my ideas to in order to get some 'customer' feedback - thanks guys, much MUCH appreciated! - and it's proving very helpful so far.

so, i shall report back in another few weeks with where i'm at...hopefully on to the next product...see ya!  :)