the big plan . . . part 3!

another 3 weeks has passed so it's time for another update methinks - part 3 in fact - of my mission to exhibit at Top Drawer or Home London next January.

my wall of planning is looking a hell of a lot better (i.e. fuller) these days - it's kind of like a real life pinterest board! sorting an overall palette for the stand has certainly helped see things clearer - without realising i appear to have created one more bright spring/summer range alongside another more tranquil autumn/winter range. some designs work in both colourways so now i just have to decide which to get made up...never as easy as you think!

i like post-it notes 

i have settled on a small range of round cushions with designs from my Paisleyscope collection. these will be my 'fancy' cushions! i'm also working on quite a few square cushions.  i always think i've made a decision on final designs then change one colour on one little part ... and then the whole range ends up changing as well. need to learn when to step away from the laptop. tsk tsk.

working away on the cushion and lampshade designs has helped me to take out a couple of product areas i was umminn-and-arring about - wallpaper and wall decals. i think i'll skip these for this year. i have designs for sale on and something else in the pipeline which i'm rather excited about ... watch this space for further updates ...

so far i'm sticking to schedule and this month doesn't seem to have too many requirements - just a lot of decision making on final designs. can't say the same for april - it looks a tad hectic. 

i have a sprinkling of weddings throughout the year and with them come the hen-dos and hag-dos. these are eating into my time with a weekend away here-and-there (how very rude!) but make for much welcomed breaks. aaaaand relax.

i also met with a manufacturer to discuss product requirements and seeing her studio has made me quite jealous - i want my own one day, but i want it sooner rather than later!