bonjour monpazier!

i have just returned from a lovely weeks break to the south of france. i visited a beautifully quaint little town called monpazier. the trip was a celebration of my friends upcoming wedding and we stayed in a lovely converted barn. the town was gorgeous as was the weather (at leas 35 degrees each day). the area itself is very green, lots of fields and vineyards but not so many flowers. i snapped what i could though but i think most of them are weeds!

the town was absolutely beautiful - a lovely, quaint little village. we had just missed the medieval festival that weekend but they still had some decorations up. i got a bit carried away taking snaps of the buildings and alleyways - there were lots of cute doors, shutters and they had a bit of a thing for net curtains as well (but of course this is juts more pattern for me so i didn't mind!)

and we were lucky enough to be there for market day - so many colours and gorgeous foods, flowers, bags, soaps... i bought an amazing air plant (no need for soil), and a gorgeous turquoise ceramic dish. no idea where i'm going to put it but it was too good to leave behind!