the big plan . . . 6! (plus a little panic)

i'm in a bit of a reflective mood tonight. i think it's because i am going on holiday for 3 weeks next wednesday and that is a long time without my macbook and photoshop!! i know, i know...i'm lame, let it go, have a break...blah blah blah.

but i can't! i love it too much!

but i have my doodle pad to take with me and of course my camera to get snap happy. there'll be LOTS of FB pics whilst i'm away, that i can assure you!

so anyway...back to deep thinking...hmmmm...

i've had a lot of deadlines in past two weeks (2 of which i haven't reached yet so probably shouldn't be sat here writing a blog post but hey-ho)...and i am working towards getting loose ends tied up before i leave. so it's made me look back at how the past few months have been. i've thought about the designs i have chosen for my first trade show, the products i selected, how they all work together. and having the photo shoot was the first time i've had them all out together. they looked pretty good! (am i allowed to say that?!) i just hope that other people like them. that's the scary part!

my wall is looking rather full and wholesome. things are tying together nicely. but i'm now getting that nervous feeling. the one where you worry that actually everything isn't quite right - 'that blue is the wrong tone', and 'the yellow is too bright'. 'i should've gone for that palette on that cushion'. and it's all because it's all too real now.

the contract is signed. it's happening.

don't get me wrong - excited as hell! - but it now means judgement day is that much more a reality and it's blimmin' scary!!

of course, it'll all be alright on the night...but...

you can't help but have moments of sheer panic, questioning what you have done and what you are doing. the support i have is incredible. thank you to everyone that contacts me, gives me boosts, 'likes' my posts, shares my work - it means a hell of a lot, especially at a time like this.

so there's basically no turning back. dun-dun-duuuun.

a little mellow dramatic there, sorry. but yes, it's a done deal. next things to do are get the website done, get the shop up and running, market to blogs and mags, get some items in some local shops, update portfolios, and (last but not least) get advertising for the show! let's drum up some excitement (i'll probably call on you lot for a bit of help with that if you don't mind).

but i think i need to stop thinking about it all otherwise i'll never get to sleep...night all.