september - round up

my my, it's been a while hasn't it?! time for my summary of events that have taken place in september. it won't be as bust as others months as i was gallivanting around vietnam and laos for 2 weeks (blog posts yet to be completed on this trip...stay tuned!)

i returned from my travels on tuesday 17th at 9am and was straight into my full time job by noon that same day. i then had social events all week plus a wedding at the weekend (i need to share pics of that as well - it was beautiful and creative!). that being the case after my visit to Tent with the always giggly Liz i suddenly felt very scared and was, how shall i say politely...shitting myself over everything i needed to do for the trade show. yup. absolute mess i was.

so, i took a few deep breaths and made a list.

works every time.

* i sent out kickstarter rewards and received many lovely comments from the supporters in return. thank you so much guys!

* my tea towels arrived and they look fabulous...if i do say so myself! ;) i'll share some pics very soon i promise. so i now found myself with a stock of notebooks and tea towels and this got me thinking ...

* ... i need to start selling these bad boys, don't i? but in order to do this i needed to put together a brochure and a price list. slightly panic-y over this and expected it to take me a week or 2. but i did in 5 hours. well done me. that felt like a huge weight was lifted.

* but then came the scary part. actually giving them out. i live in teddington, a lovely south west london town (although it's more like a village) and it has a few boutique shops that i think may suit my products. i've dropped the brochures in and will follow up in the next week or two. fingers crossed i have some interest as i would LOVE to sell in a local shop!

* my e-course with monica lee (Smart Creative Style) started...full steam ahead! so far so's getting me to look at things a bit differently, although i'm not quite sure how's all going to come together later on apparently! but i'm excited what i'm going to learn about my style that will help me with my launch

* i signed up to 2 skillshare tutorials on how to build the perfect websites. well, maybe not perfect, that wasn't promised in the advert but that's what i'm aiming for! i have a 2 month deadline for my new website. possibly a bit of a stretch but you must have realised by now that i like to set my self a challenge!

* i also received a potentially very exciting email. no details just yet as i don't want to jinx anything. i'll share if/when i know more...

over and out for september folks. this year is speeding by. seems like only yesterday i was researching cushion manufacturers. but that was back in february time according to my all-important-schedule. crikey.

oh and fyi - it's only 86 days until christmas. if you need notebooks or tea towels you know where to come ;)