october - round up

now september was a rather fabulous month, prancing around Vietnam for 3 weeks...but october has been pretty damn kick ass i have to say! one week came with 3 new often does that happen?! i can't believe how much has happened in the past couple of weeks alone, i feel so lucky to have these opportunities and have gone even more into full work mode. if that's actually possible!

* it all kicked off with the Smart Creative Style e-course the last week of september. it has been a truly amazing course, studying branding, marketing, finding my true style and voice, tricks to utilising social  media to the best of my ability,, so much has been covered and i still have a week left!

* exciting news part 1 - i applied and was accepted to trade in london shop Things British. i am renting space from monday 4th november until monday 30th december at the carnaby street branch so pop along if you fancy a mooch around! i'll be posting lots of photos when i'm all set up - can't wait to see my items in a shop...eeek!

* exciting news part 2 - my exciting news from the end of last month has progressed. it's still top secret at the moment so unfortunately i can't share details (sorry!) but what i caaaaan say is that it is amazing project and you'll love it when you see it!

* exciting news part 3 - i was invited to sell on brand spanking new online store Le Crib. very exciting because designers are hand picked to share their products. launch date is 1st november - tomorrow! ...see you there!

 * apart from all of that fantastic news i have been continuing to work on my marketing for my show with some press releases and researching all the mags and blogs to send to.

so what's planned for next month? well, it's all about the new website and the portfolios...wish me luck!