november - round up

only 23 days until christmas! i said i wouldn't get excited this year because of all the work i have to do - no time for christmas! -but turns out my such a big kid i just can't not get excited about it! i went to John Lewis this weekend and they totally won me over...more on that in another post...

so what happened in november then...

* i guess the biggest thing was the building of the new website. i was expecting it to take me absolutely ages, but my decision to go with wordpress as a new platform was a fantastic decision. it's so easy to use...the hardest thing was picking a theme from the hundreds available - rather overwhelming! i'll be ready to go live by the end of this week...keep your eyes peeled! for now i'll tease you with the menu bar. ha! ;)

* this past weekend saw me design my invites for that all important Top Drawer show. again i completely surprisingly quickly...i know i work better under pressure but i think with the show being oh-so-very close i'm stepping up another gear...only 43 days. eek. so these have been sent off to the printers and should be back next week for me to post get my address list together!

* i set up my Things British shop at the end of last month and have seen sales coming through on my weekly report which is very promising. interest through my etsy shop has also increased dramatically and it's great to know my products are going to a new home, and possibly being sent as christmas gifts this season :)

* the first deadline for my top secret 'exciting news part 2' (that i still can't reveal - sorry!) has been met, now onto the next stages...can't wait to be able to share it with you all and see it all come this space!

 * i set up a 'christmas gift list' on pinterest to showcase all the lovely things i have been discovering on Etsy. you can vie wit here and perhaps get some inspiration for some christmas gifts yourself!

right, now it's off to december...month of the portfolio!