the ultimate planning weekend . . .

last weekend was The Ultimate Planning Weekend. sounds hard core. lots to be done. and lots was indeed done. the ever so wonderful Liz of Elle Jane Designs spent some time with me, and between all the giggling we did actually achieve something!

more than something actually. we mocked up the whole Top Drawer stand in my living room, and (much to my relief) everything looked exactly as i'd hoped. phew. 

a quick-ish trip to town and good old Wilkinsons to buy some hooks, wire, sticky stuff, paint, nails and all important hair dye and we were back in full swing. Well kind of...the internet went down but we had vital research to do. Only one thing for to Starbucks for a hazelnut hot chocolate and free wifi. 

we'd decided one crucial part to the stands display was a table. but it had to be quite fall, long and narrow. it seems no one caters for these requirements. but that's fine. i kept some bed slats from my old bed for this exact reason...we shall make our own. we're girls, we can do this.

cue friends with DIY tips and saws to borrow, a dad with a drill and some paints...sorted! et voila...we have one perfect table that meets my exact needs!!

now to tidy up and let my flat mates back into the lounge...

so all in all I would say it was a very successful Ultimate Planning Weekend.