out and about in central

i have seem to have switched to a fortnightly post rather than weekly recently, apologies for that, but it is all for good reason! i am working hard on my new collection - lots of lovely new prints and a few new products thrown in for good measure too.

i've had a few outing to central london recently all of which i wish to share with you today.

festival of love, southbank
stumbled across this one a couple of weeks back, and although i've recently seen in on another couple of blogs i'm going to show my pics anyway as it's very very cool. the festival celebrates the Same Sex Couple Act and has a whole host of events - talks poetry, themed weekends...i only saw the decoration along southbank and these illustrations form the website

holi colour festival, wembley park
originally a traditional Hindu festival it is now celebrated around the globe amongst anyone. numerous dj's took to the stage whilst the rest of us ran around throwing coloured powder and coloured water at each other. we all looked like pollock paintings by the end! was great fun, can't wait for next year! 

secret cinema, Back To The Future edition
now i can't give too much away because, well, it's secret. but basically hundreds of  people are gathering together throughout august to visit hill valley. the set has been rebuilt and the movie is being screened in a secret location in london. everyone goes dressed in their 1950's gear to visit the set and do a bit of rock n' roll. no phones were allowed but hopefully when i get my old-skool disposable camera developed i can share more with you!

wall, southbank
ok ok, this wasn't an 'event' but t was a pretty cool wall. just enjoy ok. what made it even cooler were kids wee measuring themselves against each one to see which person represented them. kinda cute.