2014 - how did it go then?

i don't know about you but 2014 went so fast. beyond ridiculous really. for me anyway. and i bet we all look back and go 'oh god, what did i actually achieve last year?' and then panic that we didn't do anything and didn't see friends enough and we're still stuck in that job and we didn't take that holiday...

but what about all the things you DID do? huh? don't be some blooming hard on yourself! there is only of of you and you can't do everything, and when you have big projects going on in your life (like starting a new business by yourself, from scratch) you have to make tough decisions, miss that night out, eat in and not out... it's hard but it makes it possible to get that bit further in your grand plan. i know i am guilty of working a lot but i do allow myself out. sometimes ;) i just have to plan my time wisely. i want this to work...i'm determined! i have big plans for 2015 and i WILL see them through dammit!

but anyway, as i was's always nice to look back on what you DID do and what you did achieve...try it. you might just surprise yourself. dare ya. 

and i would like to say an enormous thank you and have a big group hug with everyone that supported me this year - the bloggers & magazines, the stockists & pop-up shops, everyone from the courses i have met, all my new design buddies, all my friends and family...all of you. you're great. that is all. 


...Top Drawer. wow. my first trade show. LOVED IT! a lot of follow up afterwards which proved fruitful and my first 2 wholesale orders! completed 2 Pattern Observer e-courses.


...i started the Creative Hub workshops at The Fashion and Textile Museum, there was another Edinburgh hen do (seems to be the place to go!), my huge parcel of cushions arrived (much to my flatmates joy!) and first orders were shipped. possibly the biggest change was dropping a day at my day job to make more time for decision. just need to drop another now ;)


...i was accepted to become part of the We Make London family and sell in their Camden shop. i could finally announce my collaboration with Muckboots which had been very hard to keep schtum about! there was also a Glaswegian wedding, a jazz night, 2 German birthdays, and some pet shopping! 


...seemed only right that i deserved a little treat after the trade show and went back to Alexander Spa for a weekend of relaxation. i saw my lampshades in the window of their first stockist...a very exciting thing to see.


...ok so maybe another treat - a weekend in Rome with mama Smith - not quite so relaxing this time though! 2 fairs this month - one a roaring success, the other not so much - but hey, you gotta try these things!


...second hen do of the year this time to Bristol for a Crystal Maze (you all remember that right?!) experience in the woods!


...i got to play florist once more for my friends wedding in a beautiful country setting. Jools Holland was an awesome gig at Kew Gardens, and i returned form my 2 month creative block - thank goodness - and went full pelt at designing my new range. 

AUGUST first colour festival - surprisingly fun throwing powder at strangers in a car park, especially with some amazing house tunes playing. i went Back To The Future, oh yeah.


...i visited Autumn Fair to suss out my space for Spring. but most excitingly an amazing trip to Peru took this month over. i experienced some amazing things saw some jaw dropping sights and enjoyed the South American culture for the first time. pretty sure i'll be back at some point but more Asia to see first methinks! whilst away i was accepted onto the New Creative Markets mentoring scheme which is full of amazing workshops plus 1-2-1's with Patricia of the Design Trust - wowee! i was featured in the 2 big greetings card mags with my new Christmas card range.

OCTOBER flat mate left...boooooooo! but i got a new one - yeeeaaah! i finally sussed out Illustrator, my Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded for my new range of tableware, the samples arrived, and i teamed up with Laura Olivia on some freelance work for high street retailers.


...lots of workshops and learning this month, and planning for the first of 3 Christmas fairs of the year. that takes up a surprising amount of time - especially when there are manufacturing problems to work around! i was also offered a spot on Print & Pattern blogs 'Designers for Hire' directory...roll on the commission deals!


...another 2 Christmas fairs dominated this month alongside the standard Christmas dinners and work parties. most excitingly this month was the release (finally!) of my new Morocco and London ranges...went down a storm, especially the London coasters. yay :) i ended the year with 8 new stockists which i'm going to pat myself on the back for... and here's to 2015 and a whole host of new exciting projects and releases!!