the secret is out...

i do apologise for teasing you with my news and then disappearing whilst setting up for my second trade show at Spring Fair...but I'm here now to tell you all about it...

i quit my job!

yes i did. after 7 years of working admin i decided enough was enough and had to take a step to up my design game. i managed to drop down to 4 days a week last year but I simply need more time to spend on design, portfolio, promo, manufacturing, commissions...oh the list goes on and on and on!

not only that, but i am also moving flat. i absolutely love Teddington and will be very sad to leave but it's got to be done (it's rather expensive around this area so my manufacturing budget is less than i would like!). so i am moving back home for a couple of months to spend time really focusing on a few projects and getting my portfolio built up. 

so that's it, i have about 3 weeks left and the i'm off. woohoo!!! [queue George Michael's 'Freedom' as my soundtrack]

but what afterwards? well, i will be venturing across the city to the SE of London to play studio days with Liz of Elle Jane Designs (i'm trying to persuade her to get an actual studio space with me one day but she's not having it. not yet anyway.) 

so yeah, exciting times ahead!

off the back of Spring Fair (which was a very different show to Top Drawer, not least in size) i am definitely working more towards the commissioned/licensed work and collaborations. i had a few meetings with various companies and have some exciting projects lined up...but again i'm only able to tease you on that front right now...sorry! i'll tell you more soon, i promise!