January to February - round up!

february started off with a * bang * ... spring fair!! and with much of January dedicated to the show preparations there really wasn't much time for anything else. final samples to get made up, props to buy and paint, suitcases to pack, invites to send out...oh you know how it is.

setting up for spring fair was pretty straight forward (i like it when there are no surprises or complications...makes things far more appealing!). i had some bloody fantastic neighbours and the whole of the Design Lab group were an all-round great bunch of people to be stuck with for 5 days ;)

i made some good contacts from spring fair and set up meetings with a few companies to discuss potential projects. some rather exciting ones at that! so keep following and you might hear more about them all in the next few months...

my full review can be read here

i've been fortunate enough to attend yet more fantastic workshops from the New Creative Market scheme these past few weeks. both rather scary (one on tax and one on finances!) but both very informative and have given me lots to think about. in a weird way i'm actually looking forward to settling down and getting my spreadsheets sorted!

you may remember a couple of months back i announced that i was working alongside laura olivia to produce collections for our supermarket chains. what started off as a couple of designs ended up at over a dozen! there were some fantastic projects that i got to work on, a great variety of styles and themes...and to see them in production would be simply fantastic!

and of course let's not forget the big news...i quit my job!! i only have one more week at my day job and then i have 3 months focusing solely on building my portfolio (and sorting those spreadsheets!) ...i absolutely cannot wait!