i love those mad men, i do

this weekend i was away in edinburgh celebrating with my friend on her hen do. a lovely weekend had been arranged - a gorgeous apartment, silly games, lots of food and drinks - and on the night out the dress theme was Mad Men. everyone made such an effort with their outfits! 

so the plan was to do a post based on the Mad Men fashion and lovely accessories...but then i found a Mad Men poster. things changed. i LOVE these graphics! makes me wish i was a graphic designer. love the simplicity and colours and texture. something i think i'll incorporate into my own designs. in fact the more i do these posts the more i am realising i definitely have a style i am honing in on - look at my post 2 weeks ago - the doodle monkey says it all! there's a clear graphicy-simplistic-block-colour-with-texture-thing going on. that's the best way i can describe it. you know what i mean. don't you? ...!

anyhoo, onto these wonderful artists...

3 - olly moss
4 - malota