it's all about the doodle monkey

i've come to the conclusion that i need to draw more. i definitely need to draw more. i doodle. a bit. and then make it into a pattern but i want to do more illustrations and placement prints than repeats.

and so i shall.

i've bought a few design books recently and i can see a bit of a theme running through them. i think i'm getting more of a clear idea of the styles that i like to look at compared to the styles that i can actually do myself. there are so many talented designers out there at the moment i wouldn't know where to start on naming those i'm inspired by so i'm looking at some old skool faves. recent book purchases have included Olle Eksell (of which there'll be a more thorough looking at next week. top right), Charley Harper (how have i only just found out about him?! bottom left), and Angie Lewin (top left) who i just love (ok i've had her book for while now but it's still delights me like it's the first time i've looked at it!). and i've recently discovered a mr Peter Donnelly (bottom right) who is just awesome.

i started drawing last year and have aimed to do a #doodle-a-day. this did not go quite according to plan. at all! i managed about 9 days and then it just belly flopped. so i'm not going to be quite so outrageous with my own demands this time, instead i will aim to just 'loosen up' first, get into it a bit and see where it leads me. but i have set ideas in my head that i really, really wanna do so i'll end up going in that direction regardless!

i've also been inspired by Jo Clark (left) and Flora Chang (right) who both use markers so need to get some of these bad boys involved too.

i've seen some of other peoples so called 'doodles' on facebook and twitter. let me tell you - they are not doodles...they are amazing! so it's given me an additional kick to get on with it again and stop being scared at not being able to draw what i want and for it to come out how i want it. it's all part of the growing process and who knows what happy accidents i may stumble upon.

here are a few of my 'doodles' from last session that i hope to expand on, in particular the amsterdam architecture. hopefully the more i do the more my style will develop and this will inspire some new amazing collection of designs!
ps - i have no idea where 'doodle monkey' came from, but i quite like him. he can stay.