i found this book whilst at Kew Gardens for their Tropical Extravaganza exhibition this spring - it is SUCH a yummy book! and after seeing fellow ABSPD classmate Deborah Velasquez experimenting with watercolours i thought it was appropriate to showcase this book next :)

i had never heard of Ann Blockley before seeing this book but it turns out she's a rather well known watercolour artist!

this isn't a 'how-to' book, Ann simply shares ideas of how to work with watercolours and experiment with different techniques - it is the up to you to decide if and how to use these tips.

i had always associated watercolours with wishy-washy colours, quite boring in my mind - i had never seen watercolours used in this way - to get such bold and vibrant colours:

the book is split into seasons, each chapter focusing on the flowers and trees from that particular season, and giving advice on how to capture their features through various techniques:

my favourite flower - anemones :)

beautiful winter landscape

some of the paintings have a mixed media quality to them, layers of texture built up...

this gorgeous book can be purchased from for £13.29 or from for $20.40...happy painting!