top drawer 2012 visit!

i visited top drawer on monday and had such a fantastic time! i really needed a show like this to give me a boost and give me something to aim towards!

i got to meet Rachael Taylor and Kelly Crossley and have a good chat. the stand looked brilliant - so much going on, pattern everywhere! Rachael offered so much information and advice - was great to finally meet her after completing the ABSPD course.

i also met the lovely Louise Tiler - her work is stunning. and that is still an understatement!

the 'potted stand was great - full of loads of new & fresh ideas. i had a chat to Lucy Alice - fab work and such great packaging! here are a handful of my favourites:

the show was sooooo inspiring, really needed it to give me a boost and put me back on track. i am DEFINITELY going to do the show next year (i say that in capitals to you all so i can't back out now!) plan now is to research manufacturers and get lots of pretty things made! i'd love to have a kitchen range (oven mitts, aprons, tea towels) but am also thinking greetings, and some small many things my head is buzzing so much!