wonderful wenlock

i seemed to have gone from not being too keen at all on the chosen olympic mascots, Wenlock and Mandeville, to developing a slight obsession with them!!

it started last weekend when walking around London visiting Tower Bridge to see the paralympic 'rings' - we passed 5 on our way:

'arty' wenlock and 'cycling' mandeville

'rainbow' wenlock and 'southwark' wenlock

friend lauren, our new friend 'pirate' wenlock, and me!

so imagine my delight when i walked into the Olympics merchandise store and saw all these happy faces looking up at me!

the one in the middle looks like he's either staring me out or pleading 'pick me, pick me!'...!

he's my favourite :)

but now, even after these amazing sporting events are almost over i will still have my own little wenlock to cheer me on when designing!!