the make lounge!

i've had a hugely creative week this week (which seems a strange thing to say as i design nearly every day!) but i had a lot of variety to it which makes a change. i visited the Make Lounge on saturday morning, a wonderful little place in Islington run by a group of crafty ladies. 

it's not a fuddy-duddy place to go and sit quietly and sew stuff - there's chit-chat over coffee and biscuits (and of an evening wine), music, and the whole set up is very social so you can get to meet like-minded people.  i went with my friend who wanted some creativity in her life, and we settled on the lampshade workshop.  

classes are rated on difficulty and most of the classes have the materials provided for you. there is an array of fabrics for you to select from before settling down - this is usually the hardest part of the whole class!

the tutor talks you through each step offering one-to-one assistance if you're having trouble - our tutor was very friendly, the whole atmosphere was very relaxed and comfortable

friend alice and me in action!

look how neat those edges are!

the final piece! it looks lovely on my bold blue lampshade base...i'm rather pleased with it  :) 

the Make Lounge offer a huge selection of classes including making: chocolates, aprons, dresses, knickers, hand-bound journals, and beauty products.