passion 4 pattern blog hop!

welcome to my second blog-hop!

so i've been rather busy since my last blog-hop, lots to share! on the last blog hop i was just setting up my facebook page...and since that day i have never been off of it!  turns out i'm now somewhat obsessed...BUT that's ok, because it is such a great tool! you can follow me here...and @melsmithdesigns for twitter (which i'm still getting the hang of!)

my website has been given a bit of a makeover, it's now a nice fresh site but no doubt i'll want to change it again in a few weeks!

since my great feedback from my Olympics designs went up for sale...yippee! i also have 2 prints from my Paisleyscope range (released just this week) and 2 kids designs from my Zinnia and Winterland ranges:

i have another licensing deal under way...soon to be release so stay tuned for the latest news on that one here!

my online shops have expanded - society6, etsy and folksy all now stock various items from my Olympics/Sports, Paisleyscope, Black Border, Zinnia, and Bold & Beautiful ranges:

my work has been featured on 2 fantastic blogs - the first on Print&Pattern and most recently on Design Juices:


i would also like to share 2 brand new designs - never before seen! these are new to my Black Border range, 'feathers' and then 'cocktails' - inspired by my recent holiday perhaps ;)

after returning from a short holiday to portugal i have (what i think is) a FANTASTIC new idea for a collection! you'll have to stay tuned for this one though, there's a bit of planning involved before i can this space!

well that's enough of me waffling on about what i've been up to...why don't you pop along to Amanda Taylor for more visual treats...her A-Z Guide to Summer is fab!

hopefully you joined me from Maraya Rodostianos over at PrintPaperCloth...if not then you best go back and check it out otherwise you'll be missing a treat!

and if you want to skip back to the very start to view the complete running order just visit the blog of Claire Smillie...enjoy! :)